15 Million Pieces Of Clothing A Week Sent To Ghana

One of my first blog posts discussed the pandemic of new clothing returns. The “no questions asked” return policy by retailers created mountains of waste in landfills across the world. A large amount of the clothing sitting in dumps are in perfect condition. Today’s video on donated clothing by CBS left me more heartbroken. Unsuspecting Americans trying to help by donating used items to charity are going to be quite upset when they see their clothing has not ended up where we thought. Each week 15 million pieces of used or near new clothing arrives in Ghana. 40% of those items end up in that country’s garbage dump continuing the cycle of waste. Ghana receives millions of low-end brand clothing while the high-end clothing makes it way to Europe. So, what is the actual number of charity clothing leaving the US each week if we only have the numbers for Ghana?? We have to do better America! We need to start wearing our clothes longer. I have made an effort myself the past few years to not throw a piece of clothing away or donate that cute top until there is a hole in the item. The wasteful mentality needs to end to help our earth. I used the word pandemic at the beginning of this article because I truly feel humans are a pandemic disease to Mother Earth. Fashionistas across the world, its more than ok to be seen or photographed in the same dress twice in one year 😦

Online Returns Creating A Global Waste Disaster

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