Television Influence On Human Subconscious

At the beginning of quarantine I began reading the book, Becoming Supernatural, by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Doc dives deep into meditation and the science behind how the practice can change our lives. If you do not like reading, there is a TV version of the book hosted by Dr. Joe on Prime. I’ve bounced back and forth from the show to the book when I need to visually understand the science he writes about. Within the pages of this book are amazing thought provoking realizations about our society. I loved the chapter on media and advertising, really opened my eyes.

“For years, I’ve been thinking about how we’re all constantly programmed into self-limited beliefs; that is, believing that we need something outside of us to change how we feel inside of us. This is, after all, what advertising is all about-the never-ending dependence on, and consumption of, external sources to make us feel happy or better. This belief, which reminds us of our separation from wholeness, is incessantly ingrained in us through the media, television shows, commercials, the news, video games, websites, and sometimes even music. Its a simple strategy, really: If you can suspend people in the feeling of lack, fear, anger, opposition, prejudice, pain, sadness, and anxiety, they remain dependent on someone or something outside of them to make those feelings go away. If you remain in a perpetual state of busyness, and are always preoccupied in survival emotions, you never actually have the opportunity to believe in yourself.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

No, I did not get paid to write this.

How Quantum Computing Will Change Our Health

This interview with Deep Prasad and Regina blew my mind! I have so many questions and can not wait until part two. I had never heard of quantum computing in terms of health until this interview. They dive into other areas quantum computing will change as well. Hopefully this technology will be used for good. If only I could be here in 100 years to see how this all plays out 🙂

Online Returns Creating A Global Waste Disaster

Prior to Covid, I had a really fun job of buying pallets from retailers and selling the products on Ebay. This job is far from glamorous. There’s a lot of grunt work with sorting through broken and soiled products to find the gems. However, receiving in pallets of shoes and home goods to sell felt like fun Christmas present opening with each box.

During lockdown I watched the Ted Talk “Where Do Your Online Returns Go.” The presentation left me heartbroken. Hearing that 4 billion pounds of returned clothing fills our garbage dumps every year made my stomach turn. To know that I was actually helping the environment by buying returned or shelf pull products from retailers to resell made me feel awesome. That helpful feeling quickly faded as Covid brought my business to a screeching halt. With Sears, Macys, JCP, Nieman Marcus and Pier 1 all going bankrupt. I can’t match the deep discounts retailers are listing products for. Their store closing blowouts and clearance sales tags are better than the wholesale price I paid. I get it, retailers need to survive. JCP doesn’t even have the bankroll for rent. Sadly, as many of us who ran this type of business close doors, I see the waste getting worse again ☹

Aparna Mehta the Global Logistics & Consumer Solutions Director at UPS hosts this Ted Talk. Aparna has worked at UPS for 26 years. I find her story pretty cool as she started at the bottom in Tech Support, moved to Industrial Engineering and is now a female titan. Great job Aparna!

We all need to focus on our spending habits as we’ve created a massive waste issue. The greatness of Amazon in my opinion turned into a double-edged sword. I love getting my products fast and that I can check reviews to make a sound decision when buying expensive things. However, the company has fathered a generation of impatient click happy buyers who want products sitting on their door step the next morning. There’s no thought to buying anymore. Just one click and the Amazon warehouse is picking your order within a few hours.

Retailers had to scramble to catch up with Amazon’s amazing customer service and drive to increase sales, adding to the waste spiral. The free shipping free returns model has left 7.5 million pieces of clothing returned each year. What most people do not understand is the trail that follows once they return a product. After receiving the products back in, the retailer now has to try to resell this item out on the sales floor. This only works if products have remained in great condition while in consumer hands. If the item is not sales floor worthy, there’s options for retailers such as wrapping up goods on a pallet for wholesale buyers like me, send products to their outlet store, or shockingly that new tried on once shirt lands in the garbage.

Another issue is frankly plain lack of morals by a small group of consumers. Some people can’t just return an item. They will wear the dress or use the dishes for a fancy party they can’t afford, stain or chip items, and then say the products were defective to get a full refund within 30 days. This behavior is beyond ridiculous and adds to the waste. Thank goodness Amazon and retailers are now cracking down hard on return abusers.

Aparna has an interesting solution. Her concept reminds me of Ebay. By the way I love EBay from the top VP’s down to all the amazing mom and pop sellers listing items online. Her idea would be an app where consumers can list items they want to return for sale. Aparna would like to name the app “Green Turn” since the items are all customer returns. Pretty catchy name! Consumer’s carrot to use the app would be to receive loyalty points or cash back like the Kohls model to spend on different products.

Time will tell if her idea comes to fruition. I think the strategy is a great start. Our consumer waste needs to slow down dramatically. A bonus for all the husbands of the world will be cash back in the bank after all we moms go shopping and do not like a blouse ha ha. I think of all the poor families around the world who could use just a part of the 7.5 million pieces of new clothing sitting in landfills. If Aparna’s app does not happen, I hope down the road retailers and consumers will start donating all customer returns that would just be tossed. We all need to be more mindful before we rapid fire our buy now buttons and mindful of Mother Earth as we just throw products away. Research and think!


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Best Doctor Explanation of Covid Crisis

This interview with Dr. Jeff Barke from Orange County is the best I’ve seen. I like how doc mentions that our liberties are being threatened. That medical decisions should be left to local districts not Washington. Each state has individual circumstances. This virus is not a one size fit all scenario when it comes to decision making. I also have a better understanding of hydroxychloroquine and come to find out my brother in law has taken this drug for years for an auto immune condition. Hopefully this interview will not be banned..


I started writing again because Covid has left my life fucked. I spent three years buying wholesale pallets from retailers to resell online. The past two years after a lot of hard work, hard lessons and tears I finally got traction. Finally had a customer base. Finally started to see a tiny profit but the universe has said no to this path for me. Covid has hurt many large retailers as well and the effect trickles down. I had so much fun rolling out of bed and into my office chair most days. I enjoyed helping the environment as 450 billion dollars a year of retailer’s products new and used end up in landfills. They needed little outlets like me to buy and resell their goods. The system was working well to stop the waste.

After 20 years of playing poker and having a blast grinding at the tables. That small income is also sidelined. Thank God only temporarily sidelined unlike my business. I can’t see on the horizon when I’ll hear the words “shuffle up and deal” again in a large tournament that will be safe. Even though I see dividers being installed at the tables by casinos desperately working to keep players safe. I still struggle with touching the same chips and cards that hundreds of other players have touched. Blah blah wash your hands I know but if you’ve played poker competitively long enough you will know how many people on tourney breaks do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, women included. Many players come in sick with colds and flu and refuse to stay home even before this mutant virus started, so with bathroom pee hands, regular cold and flu and now this freaking virus. Card playing is out. It’s like a knife to my heart as I have so many friends on the felt that I will miss seeing and laughing with.

We tried to go camping this weekend. There’s nothing I love more than to fish and drink wine all weekend. This too turned into insanity as the campground we stayed at did not properly reopen and let in so many day campers we couldn’t count. The day visitors ended up invading our paid for campsites, cleared out fishing lines with kayaks, let their dogs run loose on sites, kids ran amuck running over our stuff and more. We RV owners could do was stare at each other in disbelief as what happened at Newport Beach happened on a smaller scale at this campground.

With my top three loves in the shitter I’m stuck home to rant and get my feelings out on a lot of things. During this virus I think many people have become awakened to the insanity of our world leaders. I don’t want to listen to left and right bullshit. All politicians are greedy and nuts. They have lost touch with the delicate balance of keeping the people happy while stuffing their pockets with our money. Yet there’s nothing most of us can do about their control. It is what it is.

Our medical system sucks families dry. Religion is falling apart which might not be a bad thing if people can remain spiritual and loving. Humans don’t need a building with a steeple and to donate money to an offering box to connect with God. God wants us to love one another and live in peace not only with ourselves but the earth too. I don’t think He intended this spiral of greed and material grabbing that humanity has gravitated too.

I live in an upper middleclass community. Since quarantine began I see lots of pill popping, alcohol addiction and alcohol coping. I can only assume this form of stress relief is hitting all class levels right now leading to more grief and problems for some. Unless your wealthy our kids schooling is like an extended vacation leaving my boys super happy that school work takes a few hours to complete each week, they roam the house in underwear and robes while gaming and think life is great. Their cluelessness makes me laugh each day.

The madness and confusion of the past few months woke me up. I see the lies governments have founded our world on for thousands of years. Tweaking and adjusting our textbooks so as youngsters we learn to work with current political views and an altered history. The latest strategy is Capitalism which I’m not opposed to. I just wish we could balance our material needs with keeping the earth healthy. Under this strategy the goal is to keep the 95% working like busy little bees. Mega rich motivational speakers teach us to goal set, crunch numbers, work, work, work, be a titan and you will live like a king. Even though a majority of Americans live like kings already and just don’t realize it.

Advertising has programmed us from childhood to focus on material needs. Stand in line, trample each other on the joke that Black Friday has become, be a diehard and camp out for the latest products, shoes, purses and gadgets so we can take selfies and show our friends. Dump billions into NFL, NBA and baseball to keep us entertained and distracted from the spiral that has gone on around us. The good thing is when all our entertainment and shopping went away many people woke up like me. People have lifted their heads up from their phone screens, looked around and said holy shit we are puppets in a very big game.

I’m awake so now what?! I can’t control the government but I can control some parts of my life. I can control eating healthy, taming the party girl in me and drinking less. I can deepen my spirituality and be more zen and work on my ego. I can do more yoga to heal my organs and exercise more to be strong. All this too stay the heck out of the hamster wheel of our medical system because they prescribe zombie pills that lead to more health issues and money spent to keep the wheel going.

I can start trying to be of service to more people to spread joy. Take the extra minute when I can to help someone I don’t know. We need to help our fellow Americans while our government and media is trying to divide us. Both giants point the finger at each other but I think the division is coming from both the media and our government.

I love this country so much. I have friends who are good ole boys from Montana, my husband is a farm boy, one side of my family is inner city and I have friends all the way up to very wealthy. I love hanging with all of them. There’s no other place I’d rather be than the USA. I see many others spreading good but of course CNN and Fox won’t put out the good stories where Americans help Americans. I shut off the news two weeks ago and haven’t looked back. My family has traveled coast to coast three times with no incident and we are a biracial family. We Americans might be a little crazy but at the core we are good and that positive energy needs to be shared now more than ever, so I hope you enjoy my rants, posts about the good things that are happening, crazy thoughts on aliens and if anyone has some easy golf tips feel free to comment on those posts ha ha. This girl needs a lot of help with her golf swing.


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