Aspire XD1 Ladies Petite Golf Clubs

Why am I soooo stubborn ha ha.. The past few years the guys told me repeatedly to buy new clubs and I didn’t listen. In my defense, I was working with an old set of graphite TaylorMade clubs that were given to me. My friend who is the same height got carpel tunnel syndrome and could not golf anymore. She generously gave me this almost brand-new set of fitted pro clubs. I knew the value of the set which made them hard to walk away from. I tried desperately to make the clubs work.

The boys tried to explain that pro clubs are much harder for a beginner to hit vs a this century beginner set. I had to connect with the ball perfectly every swing using the old set, there’s little room for error with that type of blade. I make a lot of errors 😊 Most rounds I found myself exhausted and not connecting accurately.

What broke me was a round I played last month with two ladies 20 years older than me. They were kicking my ass and driving just as far. They both said girl… you need new clubs. At the end of my round I was yet again exhausted and had hurt my shoulder from driving the iron into the ground. They inspected my clubs and one of them said these clubs are too long for you, make the investment.

Okay, okay, time to listen. I went home and researched. After a few hours I decided to buy the woman’s Aspire Petite set. The set including the pretty bag is $219. My husband was not so sure. He didn’t like the cheap price tag and was worried Id get the set and have issues. However, I do not play golf enough to go get fitted. I can not justify spending all that money when I’d rather play poker.

Most poker tourneys run me a few hundred dollars anyways so I pulled the trigger on the clubs. If I’m willing to gamble on cards for $200, I can take a gamble on these clubs. I’m so glad I did! I found an amazing seller on EBay named Golfbestbuy-usa. They have great communication and fast shipping.

The Aspire Petite set includes a Titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW irons, putter, bag and 3 headcovers. I saw some negative reviews regarding the zippers on the bag. I’ve had no issues at all. In fact, I’m ready to buy the 3-5 irons for this set because I’m in love. My whole game has changed! On an executive course the second round using these clubs, I went from shooting in the high nineties to the mid-eighties. I’m not exhausted anymore; I’m not hitting into the ground anymore. Golf has become very very addicting after changing clubs. I’m sure if I attend a few classes that my score will improve.

If your height is 5’1”-5’3” and you want a new set of clubs that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend this set. My only struggle is with the putter, but I’m sure that’s operator error. I putted amazing with my old club and this one I’m really struggling with. I’m sure class will fix the issue.

No, I was not paid to write this.


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