The Zone of Silence

People around the world are stuffed full of Bermuda Triangle legends. Frankly, until there’s new data or video evidence, I scroll past Triangle articles. While watching an episode of Ancient Aliens. The theorists discuss The Zone of Silence or The Mapimi Silent Zone located in Mexico. The area has experienced similar communication issues as Bermuda. This newly discussed vortex is located 400 miles south of El Paso. Oddly, the zone aligns on the same parallel as the Bermuda Triangle and the Great Pyramids.

Modern stories began in the 1930s when the pilot Francisco Sarabia encountered radio anomalies and had to make an emergency landing. Later in 1964 engineer Harry De La Pena was surveying the desert to run an oil pipeline. He too suffered radio communications issues. After performing many tests, Harry is the individual who coined the name “The Zone of Silence.”


De La Pena frequented the area. He was fascinated with the dead zones. The part of Harrys story that stuck out to me is how he noted that the dead zones were not fixed. Zones moved from place to place. Is there possibly a shifting magnetic field under the ground in this area? Recently in South America there was a major underground magnetic disturbance so we know movement is possible.

There are many reports from locals claiming to have seen UFOs in the skies above the zone. Ranchers tell stories of strange friendly encounters with odd looking humans. UFO enthusiasts report numerous sightings around the world tying UFOs with magnetic field disturbances. Ancient Alien Theorists claim this area is a possible worm hole or energy vortex from somewhere in the universe. The worm hole theory is possible according to Einstein but what if the mystery is simple. What if there’s no hole or vortex? Could humans on the earth and life forms above the earth need the great power that lies beneath the surface?


Uranium rock

During the Cold War, the White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico had been conducting a series of tests using Athena RTV (reentry test vehicle) rockets. Mysteriously one of the rockets over shot the intended target and went straight to the Zone of Silence. When United States retrieval teams entered the area, they too found communication disturbances. After several weeks working the area, all debris was removed and I find no evidence that our government has been back. Did this magnetic field pull the rocket off course?

With many experts having gone into the area to conduct testing. Results showed the ground contains high concentrations of magnetite and uranium. Both of these elements at high concentration might be responsible for the communication blocks in the area. This brings me back to my thought on life forms on and above having great interest in what’s lying beneath the surface.


Did UFOS stop meltdown? John J Johnson

Humans have used uranium for many purposes. The earliest documents date back to AD 79. Uranium has high explosive potential. The United states used uranium in the bomb that obliterated Hiroshima. Certain forms of uranium are used to make tank armor and bullets. Most of the natural resource is used for nuclear power. UFO experts claim that many sightings are focused at uranium mines around the world. The Karnes Mine sighting of 1971 contains the most detailed information. The workers at the mine stated that a UFO suddenly appeared one night. The stunned employees were incapacitated by the light and high pitch sounds coming from the saucer. After the encounter, the area where the uranium was stored was now void of the element. They claimed the brown uranium rock was left discolored. The suction area matched the shape and size of the invading craft. Do both aliens and humans need uranium for energy use?

The flip side to these theories would be that I have not found any writings stating that there’s uranium mining occurring in this location. Is this due to the high amounts of meteors that mysteriously land here each year posing a safety issue for humans? If uranium is not being mined here. Then why would UFOs be interested in the area? The locals say craft hover and zoom on. Is it possible that alien beings can sense high levels of uranium from the craft and are just scouting the area for easy targets? Perhaps other beings are not interested in invading. They just drop in for a fuel up as they move on to their intended vacation spot ha ha. Like Les Hewitt said in his article. Could the entire story just be a fun legend to draw in tourist to a financially suffering area? However, how do we explain the rogue US rocket?? Only time will tell..


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