SpaceX to Launch Humans Wednesday!

For the first time in nine years. Elon Musk will launch two astronauts into space off of US soil, woo hoo! The Demo-2 Mission will launch space dudes Robert L Behnken and Douglas Hurley into orbit on Wednesday at 4:30PM EDT. Robert was a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. He is a veteran of two Space Shuttle flights, having spent more than 29 days in space. Douglas was a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is also a space veteran. Doug piloted the Space Shuttle twice, including the program’s final mission. Sounds like these two will handle Elon’s money quite well. I can not imagine the stress of starting your own space company and dealing with billions of dollars in equipment daily.

After the Space Shuttle program ended in 2011, astronauts have had to launch with the Russians. Wednesday’s event leaves another mark on history for Musk. This mission is the first time that a private venture will take humans into Earth’s orbit. Only the U.S., Russia and China have completed this great feat. SpaceX has made the opportunity for more regular guy, aka, billionaire space missions possible.

NASA teamed up with SpaceX for the flight. SpaceX provided the rocket while NASA provided the astronauts. NASA is looking to further their Artemis program. This program’s goal is to return humans to the Moon in the next few years and finish with Mars. The rocket used tomorrow will be the Falcon 9. The astronauts will ride in the Crew Dragon capsule atop the rocket. The Falcon 9 rocket has the unique capability to return to earth and be reused again. This mission is set for 110 days.

Keep breaking records Elon and hit your life goal for Mars! Many of us are enjoying watching your fails and triumphs turn into one incredible story! Which by the way if you have not read the biography of Musk by Ashlee Vance, great book.


Doug and Robert

Dude Perfect Hilarious Quarantine Video

Hands down the funniest quarantine video yet! My favorite acts are The Gamer and Homeschool Parent lol. We are a house of gamers so I get it and oh my gosh this homeschooling situation I’m 100% over.. Thanks for the stress relief Dude Perfect!

The Zone of Silence

People around the world are stuffed full of Bermuda Triangle legends. Frankly, until there’s new data or video evidence, I scroll past Triangle articles. While watching an episode of Ancient Aliens. The theorists discuss The Zone of Silence or The Mapimi Silent Zone located in Mexico. The area has experienced similar communication issues as Bermuda. This newly discussed vortex is located 400 miles south of El Paso. Oddly, the zone aligns on the same parallel as the Bermuda Triangle and the Great Pyramids.

Modern stories began in the 1930s when the pilot Francisco Sarabia encountered radio anomalies and had to make an emergency landing. Later in 1964 engineer Harry De La Pena was surveying the desert to run an oil pipeline. He too suffered radio communications issues. After performing many tests, Harry is the individual who coined the name “The Zone of Silence.”


De La Pena frequented the area. He was fascinated with the dead zones. The part of Harrys story that stuck out to me is how he noted that the dead zones were not fixed. Zones moved from place to place. Is there possibly a shifting magnetic field under the ground in this area? Recently in South America there was a major underground magnetic disturbance so we know movement is possible.

There are many reports from locals claiming to have seen UFOs in the skies above the zone. Ranchers tell stories of strange friendly encounters with odd looking humans. UFO enthusiasts report numerous sightings around the world tying UFOs with magnetic field disturbances. Ancient Alien Theorists claim this area is a possible worm hole or energy vortex from somewhere in the universe. The worm hole theory is possible according to Einstein but what if the mystery is simple. What if there’s no hole or vortex? Could humans on the earth and life forms above the earth need the great power that lies beneath the surface?


Uranium rock

During the Cold War, the White Sands Missile Base in New Mexico had been conducting a series of tests using Athena RTV (reentry test vehicle) rockets. Mysteriously one of the rockets over shot the intended target and went straight to the Zone of Silence. When United States retrieval teams entered the area, they too found communication disturbances. After several weeks working the area, all debris was removed and I find no evidence that our government has been back. Did this magnetic field pull the rocket off course?

With many experts having gone into the area to conduct testing. Results showed the ground contains high concentrations of magnetite and uranium. Both of these elements at high concentration might be responsible for the communication blocks in the area. This brings me back to my thought on life forms on and above having great interest in what’s lying beneath the surface.


Did UFOS stop meltdown? John J Johnson

Humans have used uranium for many purposes. The earliest documents date back to AD 79. Uranium has high explosive potential. The United states used uranium in the bomb that obliterated Hiroshima. Certain forms of uranium are used to make tank armor and bullets. Most of the natural resource is used for nuclear power. UFO experts claim that many sightings are focused at uranium mines around the world. The Karnes Mine sighting of 1971 contains the most detailed information. The workers at the mine stated that a UFO suddenly appeared one night. The stunned employees were incapacitated by the light and high pitch sounds coming from the saucer. After the encounter, the area where the uranium was stored was now void of the element. They claimed the brown uranium rock was left discolored. The suction area matched the shape and size of the invading craft. Do both aliens and humans need uranium for energy use?

The flip side to these theories would be that I have not found any writings stating that there’s uranium mining occurring in this location. Is this due to the high amounts of meteors that mysteriously land here each year posing a safety issue for humans? If uranium is not being mined here. Then why would UFOs be interested in the area? The locals say craft hover and zoom on. Is it possible that alien beings can sense high levels of uranium from the craft and are just scouting the area for easy targets? Perhaps other beings are not interested in invading. They just drop in for a fuel up as they move on to their intended vacation spot ha ha. Like Les Hewitt said in his article. Could the entire story just be a fun legend to draw in tourist to a financially suffering area? However, how do we explain the rogue US rocket?? Only time will tell..


Les Hewitt Historic Mysteries

Stephanie Pappas Live Science

Marcus Lowth UFO Insight

Kay Vandette

John J Johnson Youtube

Ancient Aliens Mysterious Places

Best Doctor Explanation of Covid Crisis

This interview with Dr. Jeff Barke from Orange County is the best I’ve seen. I like how doc mentions that our liberties are being threatened. That medical decisions should be left to local districts not Washington. Each state has individual circumstances. This virus is not a one size fit all scenario when it comes to decision making. I also have a better understanding of hydroxychloroquine and come to find out my brother in law has taken this drug for years for an auto immune condition. Hopefully this interview will not be banned..

Eye Candy Maturity

I’ve been married for sixteen years now. I think all couples can agree that after long amounts of time spent in a relationship, in the end people are not the same person they were in the beginning. Back when we were a young couple, the hubs and I loved to hit the party scene. We had our favorite go to bars and clubs that we frequented every weekend aka the Carlsbad crawl. We moved to California from a tiny farm town in Upstate NY. Upon arriving we found an infestation of hot beach bodies everywhere! It was literally like nothing we had ever seen.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder at the bar with ripped bodies and half naked girls frequently. There were definitely awkward moments when I’d see my man glancing at another female. We all go through this in a relationship both male and female. Its natural to see these perfect surgeon products and have to take an extra stare or two. However, I’d be insecure for days about that five second glance. Why was he looking at her? Should I hit the gym harder? Should I get my boobs done? What if he leaves me because I’m not as pretty as this dude magnet at the bar?? The insecurity went on and on.


    Pin by Kayla Spencer

We broke up in our twenties. The separation was the best thing for us looking back. Hubby asked me out at age 15 in computer typing class. We were inseparable for years. He raced motocross and we traveled all over. I enjoyed being his pit crew every weekend and he loved this new city girl who had moved to the country. She brought a fresh new perspective to his chill country life. By our mid twenties things got confusing as we had spent all of our young lives together, so we separated. Luckily, the time apart enabled us to learn about ourselves, other people and to mature.

What did we learn while being single ha ha.. That once you grow up in the country there’s only so much you can tolerate with city life! Priorities and entertainment are quite different. He found that bangin hot girl at the bar with the hair, nails, flawless makeup and expensive purse was a fucking hand full! Most of these women are used to getting what they want and act like princesses. The hubs said a few of the ladies he dated were so needy and wouldn’t lift a finger to help with anything. Everything had been done for them their whole lives. We both quickly figured out what we did not want to wake up next to for the rest of our lives. We got back together with new found appreciation.


                Pic by MemePi

Now twenty years later when we are out on the town or at the gym. The hubs and I will both point out super hotties to each other. Neither of us bat an eyelash about it. Instead of feeling insecure and jealous. Maturity has left us old perverts having fun with the situation! There are tons of gorgeous country gals but these Cali girls for sure take sexy to an astronomical level. The best part is when this old girl tells these young pretty ladies how hot they are and to enjoy their youth. I usually score a free glass of wine. Boom!



I started writing again because Covid has left my life fucked. I spent three years buying wholesale pallets from retailers to resell online. The past two years after a lot of hard work, hard lessons and tears I finally got traction. Finally had a customer base. Finally started to see a tiny profit but the universe has said no to this path for me. Covid has hurt many large retailers as well and the effect trickles down. I had so much fun rolling out of bed and into my office chair most days. I enjoyed helping the environment as 450 billion dollars a year of retailer’s products new and used end up in landfills. They needed little outlets like me to buy and resell their goods. The system was working well to stop the waste.

After 20 years of playing poker and having a blast grinding at the tables. That small income is also sidelined. Thank God only temporarily sidelined unlike my business. I can’t see on the horizon when I’ll hear the words “shuffle up and deal” again in a large tournament that will be safe. Even though I see dividers being installed at the tables by casinos desperately working to keep players safe. I still struggle with touching the same chips and cards that hundreds of other players have touched. Blah blah wash your hands I know but if you’ve played poker competitively long enough you will know how many people on tourney breaks do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, women included. Many players come in sick with colds and flu and refuse to stay home even before this mutant virus started, so with bathroom pee hands, regular cold and flu and now this freaking virus. Card playing is out. It’s like a knife to my heart as I have so many friends on the felt that I will miss seeing and laughing with.

We tried to go camping this weekend. There’s nothing I love more than to fish and drink wine all weekend. This too turned into insanity as the campground we stayed at did not properly reopen and let in so many day campers we couldn’t count. The day visitors ended up invading our paid for campsites, cleared out fishing lines with kayaks, let their dogs run loose on sites, kids ran amuck running over our stuff and more. We RV owners could do was stare at each other in disbelief as what happened at Newport Beach happened on a smaller scale at this campground.

With my top three loves in the shitter I’m stuck home to rant and get my feelings out on a lot of things. During this virus I think many people have become awakened to the insanity of our world leaders. I don’t want to listen to left and right bullshit. All politicians are greedy and nuts. They have lost touch with the delicate balance of keeping the people happy while stuffing their pockets with our money. Yet there’s nothing most of us can do about their control. It is what it is.

Our medical system sucks families dry. Religion is falling apart which might not be a bad thing if people can remain spiritual and loving. Humans don’t need a building with a steeple and to donate money to an offering box to connect with God. God wants us to love one another and live in peace not only with ourselves but the earth too. I don’t think He intended this spiral of greed and material grabbing that humanity has gravitated too.

I live in an upper middleclass community. Since quarantine began I see lots of pill popping, alcohol addiction and alcohol coping. I can only assume this form of stress relief is hitting all class levels right now leading to more grief and problems for some. Unless your wealthy our kids schooling is like an extended vacation leaving my boys super happy that school work takes a few hours to complete each week, they roam the house in underwear and robes while gaming and think life is great. Their cluelessness makes me laugh each day.

The madness and confusion of the past few months woke me up. I see the lies governments have founded our world on for thousands of years. Tweaking and adjusting our textbooks so as youngsters we learn to work with current political views and an altered history. The latest strategy is Capitalism which I’m not opposed to. I just wish we could balance our material needs with keeping the earth healthy. Under this strategy the goal is to keep the 95% working like busy little bees. Mega rich motivational speakers teach us to goal set, crunch numbers, work, work, work, be a titan and you will live like a king. Even though a majority of Americans live like kings already and just don’t realize it.

Advertising has programmed us from childhood to focus on material needs. Stand in line, trample each other on the joke that Black Friday has become, be a diehard and camp out for the latest products, shoes, purses and gadgets so we can take selfies and show our friends. Dump billions into NFL, NBA and baseball to keep us entertained and distracted from the spiral that has gone on around us. The good thing is when all our entertainment and shopping went away many people woke up like me. People have lifted their heads up from their phone screens, looked around and said holy shit we are puppets in a very big game.

I’m awake so now what?! I can’t control the government but I can control some parts of my life. I can control eating healthy, taming the party girl in me and drinking less. I can deepen my spirituality and be more zen and work on my ego. I can do more yoga to heal my organs and exercise more to be strong. All this too stay the heck out of the hamster wheel of our medical system because they prescribe zombie pills that lead to more health issues and money spent to keep the wheel going.

I can start trying to be of service to more people to spread joy. Take the extra minute when I can to help someone I don’t know. We need to help our fellow Americans while our government and media is trying to divide us. Both giants point the finger at each other but I think the division is coming from both the media and our government.

I love this country so much. I have friends who are good ole boys from Montana, my husband is a farm boy, one side of my family is inner city and I have friends all the way up to very wealthy. I love hanging with all of them. There’s no other place I’d rather be than the USA. I see many others spreading good but of course CNN and Fox won’t put out the good stories where Americans help Americans. I shut off the news two weeks ago and haven’t looked back. My family has traveled coast to coast three times with no incident and we are a biracial family. We Americans might be a little crazy but at the core we are good and that positive energy needs to be shared now more than ever, so I hope you enjoy my rants, posts about the good things that are happening, crazy thoughts on aliens and if anyone has some easy golf tips feel free to comment on those posts ha ha. This girl needs a lot of help with her golf swing.


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